IF won’t stop sending cant connect to sever message.

hello everyone, my game will not stop sending the pop up message saying that infinte flight cannot connect to the severs. ive restarted the app, my wifi and even my phone and nothing is working. just yesterday everything was working fine. Does anyone have a solution? device is a samsung galaxy j7 if that helps.

Have you tried deleting then re-installing the app? And are you located close enough to your router that you have a good stable connection?

Hey there,

Have you tried clearing your network settings. Something in your device may be blocking you from accessing the servers. Try connecting to the servers with a different internet host as well to see if you are having an issue with your ISP or their equipment.

I have the same problem. Just after cleaning all cache and restart my phone.

Before I did that I just finished a flight from Faro to Madrid and everything worked fine.

Already send email to support, hopefully it’s just an overloaded server thing.

Please be patient as it seems that there are a few new support requests for this. Will advise soon. Kind Regards, Chris

yeah i saw a few other people with similar problems. im updating the app to see if that helps, if it doesnt i guess its a problem on the devs side. hopefully it gets rectified soon i just planned a flight from nashville to saint maarteen i want to fly lol. thanks for the help

update: updating the app seems to have fixed the issue!

Glad to hear, do a short flight and report back if there are any issues. Thanks, Chris

thanks, will do. thanks for the help guys!

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I just had exactly the same problem. Just re-install the App. :)

Make sure you update the app to the latest version.


Just updated the app and it works fine again.

Thanks @Tyler_Shelton to inform me via support!

yup i just did and now its working, thank you much


Always happy to help! Enjoy. :)

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