IF won’t open

My infinite flight won’t open no I have tried everything that. I could of done

iPhone 8


What iOS version is your device running?
Check if your device is running iOS 11.4 :)

Have you tried reinstalling the app and restarting your device?

Yep it’s on 11.4 idk

Yes u have tried doing that

What do you mean by “idk”? Do you need help with finding out what your iOS version is?

No I tried putting something else but it auto corrected

Is your device jailbroken?
I also recommend checking your iOS version again as a lot of other users thought their device was on iOS 11.4 but they actually were still running iOS 11.3.

Wow it started working

Did you change anything? If yes, what did you change?

Might be helpful for other folks that have the same issue. :)

I didn’t even do anything it just randomly worked thank you

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