IF won’t load

hello, when i attempt to load IF it doesn’t work. it says unable to load (error 7) i’m on a iPhone 8S, could you help me?

This is typically caused by a connection error on your end. You can try closing Infinite Flight, reboot your device and load again. If you’re on WiFi, try rebooting your router and try loading again too. Device restarts can be very helpful.

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Hello, i tried your suggestion but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Are you on cellular or WiFi?

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i am on wifi

I wonder if @schyllberg has any recent email support tickets for this. Might have been a recent change in your internet providers settings. He has a response for connectivity issues and resetting some local settings.

Edit: Disregard Seb, VPN issue.

i figured it out. my vpn was causing it. i had to turn off my vpn

That will do it, well that’s great news, enjoy the update!

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