IF won’t connect

IF is stuck in welcome screen and it says it’s experiencing issues connecting to the server. It seems others are also having this issue.

I have this issue too…

Yep. I’m mid-flight and it’s not downloading scenery.

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Same with me. @AndrewWu and @Aceorbit are having the same issue.

We’re looking into it.


Many servers of many different things are down right now. IF, the IFC, Discord, LiveFlight, and many other various platforms


I’m having no issues with Infinite Flight, I ham having issues with services like Discord though, then again, I’m from Australia and this, weirdly, seems to be something over in the US and Europe…

This is what happens when you break the internet guys… Just Australia isn’t affected due to how slow it already is.


I was landing in Chicago Meigs in solo on a United 747 when the app suddenly crashed at the same time my discord went down. Hope this gets fixed as soon as actually possible!

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I’m also having this and im in the UK

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It seems like one of the worlds largest CDN’s are down, which a lot of our traffic is routed via.


Having this issue (UK)

Ngl that’s slightly unfortunate…

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I’m not having this issue as of yet, I’ll see how the rest of my flight goes down into LHR

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I’m assuming there is not estimate?


Not as far as we know yet…hopefully its fixed soon…I have an overnighter scheduled…

If I’m late…then I just yeet my 787 at a fast cruise speed across the Atlantic - that’ll be fun…

where is the issue

I got just over 100nm until descent, so I’ll be nervous about all of this until touchdown 😂

It’s not happening for me

The issue is connecting to Infinite Flight altogether.

Same here, just be aware though