IF without internet connection

Hello i want ask when there will be a version of IF without having mobile internet or wifi ?

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As of right now you must have internet connection. It may be looked into in the future.


Hello @fiare_FoXx_fir3foX
Unfortunately IF now needs a stable internet connection all the time to load the scenery of global.


It would be cool to download pre bought regions so i dont need net is there any information ?

You used to be able to do that before the update but the purpose of global was to remove regions and make the user able to fly anywhere they want. Though developers might bring back regions for people who don’t want global. I know that if you didn’t get the update either because your device wasn’t eligible or you didn’t want it, I think those people still have regions. I am not sure though.

Apparently it should come

Read schyllberg’ s answer


We hope to reintroduce this in the future. Streaming is a great starting point, as it keeps the app size smaller, the data fresh becshse it’s streamed, and allows us to make more “on the fly” adjustments without making you do constant lengthy downloads. Thanks for your patience!