IF with game controller?

:( I was thinking about getting it :) i wait then :)

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I have one


Get a joystick and use liveflight connect instead :)

Just got release :)

Live connect, Whats the features and price :) ?


See here:

Nice, So its not possible with game controller, realistic flying. if change controller sensivity or ? :)

You’ll have to read and try it out, I don’t have any working joystick atm so i can’t try.

Was thinking about iOS game controller, Steelseries :D

Does that iphone grip support 6 plus ? :)

I would rather put hook my phone up to Apple TV and connect a controller to it. Unfortunately that’s not possible.

Its actally possible, Use Apple HDMI Av adapter with iphone to tv. then connect controller with bluetooth :D outside Apple tv though hehe :)

Yes almost an iPad mini

I just need the controller. Time to add that to my birthday wishlist!

Can u control the rudder using game controller?

Would also like to know that :) I strongly consider an controller.

Old thread i know, but anyone have experience with Thrustmaster Hotas 4 ? :)

How did you connect your iPad IF to the nimbus ? Can the controller be used on IPad Pro IF?

@AlexTheA320Pilot how do you make it so when you go on IF the throttle power is on 0 because mine is always on 50