IF with external SD Card

I am planning on buying a 200GB external SD card for my Samsung S7 and I wanted to pose the question to other S& operators with external SD cards, can IF be traansferred over to the SD card? If so I also would like input to seee if it would violate the ToS. My final question is if all this is possible how weell IF runs from the SD card and how simple it is to update the app with an SD card.


No, Unless you have Android Nougat 7.0+ . Even if you managed to get the game on there, Micro SD card transfer rates are horribly slow and you might experience texture issues or even lag. IF isint very storage hogging anyway.

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i tried and the app was slowed down dramatically when i first opened it
i might try to use the usb adapter that comes with the phone and connect it to an external ssd and try to run IF from that

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What read speeds are you guys running? The one I just bought runs read speed of 90mbs per second

Iā€™m Running 220 mb/s Read and 140 mb/s write on my Pixel

Pixel šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

I have a Nexus 5x and plan on moving up soon.

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im on a measly 48 mb/s :(

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