IF will not let me record audio

Hello IFC, so I am trying to record something and the IF audio. But when I click record it’s not recording the audio. I can record audio for other stuff but not for IF. Why is that?

I am using a Samsung S9
Screen recorder this

Do you have your volume up? I don’t think it can get the audio of your volume if it is on mute or fully down.

No it’s on 50%

It may be a problem with the actual application your using. Have you tried restarting that app and trying again? If the issue persists contact their support email below

Is your SFX Audio slider in settings turned up?

My screen recorder did say when I opened it some apps need to have some setting enabled to record audio

Android tightened down their policies for sound recording the internal sound. Some will record the ambient room sound so if you have the volume up it will hear it.

I have been using this app for a while and one of the earliest versions worked and then stopped with the various android updates. It’s all about security.

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I don’t think there‘s need to contact the support. Double check the settings, the recording format, if AAC is turned on and you‘ll find the error pretty soon. I can help you via dm since I know the program very well.

So I am not really able to record sound easily?

I dont know of many on Android that can.

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Oh, wow. Android need to up there game. Thanks @Chris_S

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