IF will not launch

Good day everyone,
IF have never open or launched on my device.
I have downloaded many version of IF but none ever open on my device

Device spec
Name: Infinix hot 2
Ram: 2gb

Welcome to the community!

Do you you have stable WiFi connection?

I’m not familiar with this device, but is this an Android? If so have you updated to the latest version?

Sadly due to the Specifications of the device, infinite flight will not be able to run or run properly.

I tried pulling up the specs on this device and it seems that it may be compatible with our latest builds however it’s hard to say.

Infinix Hot 2
Spec Overview

  • 2GB RAM
  • Android 5.1
  • 16GB Storage

@Zadkeil_Paul from where have you downloaded Infinite Flight and do you have all background apps closed when trying to launch Infinite Flight? Also, ensure you have some storage free.

Looks like your device only supports OpenGL ES.2 you need min 3.0.

There are many apps to check ES version. Try them from play store.

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