IF Wikipedia Editing Team

Hello There,

As some of you are most likely aware, the IF Wikipedia Team is in need of a refresh. @Wren_Jago tried, but closed operations due to someone who decided they didn’t like the IF Wikipedia Page. However, I am here to create an entirely new team for refreshing the page and making it great again!

Reply below if you’d be interested in joining and if we get enough people it will become a reality!

Cheers, Pidge


I would be interested!


Hey, any restrictions on who can join?

I’m up for it, but i’ll only be active after two weeks (due to exams).


I’m planning to open an application process, but as long as you can do basic SPAG correctly (commas, brackets etc) and not make it sound like you’re a three year old (IF is a Flight Simulator. IF is for Mobile. IF is…) then it should be fine!


If anyone is interested in joining please PM me saying a few sentences about why you think you’ll be good. Cheers :)


I’d love to help :) It needs a refresh lol


Ok. PM me for the discord link as I don’t want to give it out publically :)

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Bear in mind that Wikipedia bases itself on the use of unbiased sources - a group like this generally isn’t a good idea for that reason (as can be seen in the recent edit history of the IF wiki page).


Yes that may be true, but who else is going to update it?

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Individual people (who cite sources and remain unbiased) instead of a group organised on the IF forum :)


Surely a team of moderators would be needed to prevent trolls tho…

Ok. Please tell me how likely it is that some random Joe is going to stumble upon the IF wikipedia page and go ‘Oh, this looks outdated. Let me spend hours rewriting it!’.


There’s no need for me to explain that. I’m just giving you a head’s up on how Wikipedia works based on how these teams have worked in the past (take a look at the edit history on the IF page - a lot of work has been undone due to lacking a neutral point of view or failing to cite secondary sources).

Up to you if you want to do this of course, but don’t want you guys to get discouraged if your content gets removed for being “too close to source”, etc. :)

Further reading:


I would like to try this.

I am aware of that, I have been editing on Wikipedia for several years. We strive to maintain neutrality.

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Ok, thanks for showing interest.

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Would there be interest in posting IF Airport charts on the wiki?

Wikipedia is already debating whether the page should be kept up. Also, as Cameron said, Wikipedia is meant to be unbiased - a ‘team’ being set up would be most certainly biased.

Besides, anyone can edit Wikipedia - that’s the whole point of it. Someone wouldn’t need to join the team to edit it - they could just go ahead and do it.


The point of the team is so there can be a centralised point of discussion about the page. If you don’t want to be a member, you don’t want to be a member. Full Stop.


Maybe, I’m not sure.

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