IF Weather/Traffic Center

Hello everyone,

Welcome to IFWTC! Infinite Flight Weather/Traffic Center. Here we fly and check out the weather/how much traffic there is at the most flown airports. We will be posting warnings of bad weather and let you know if there is any traffic/delays. If you are interested in helping patrol, let me know. Thank you!


I’m glad someone finally did this, I’ll be happy to see where the bad weathers at. Can I patrol?


Yessir. Anyone you want. Then you can post weather you see as a comment to this topic! If you can post screenshots and patrol in a Citation.

So you’re 1/2 ATIS? It reminds me of my older thread.

Still great idea and I think it should work out well for you guys.

Tell me one thing: Is this a group of people?

Any strong crosswinds ?

From what I know bow we just find out windy locations on IF and spread the word. And also heavy traffic reports?

We have 39knots at KPUB in Denver region!

I will get on patrol in a bit.

I would like to patrol.

KLAX patrol

Attention anyone looking to fly at KLAX!

  • Strong winds at 8° in a north easternly direction.
  • Winds gusting @ about 12 knots.
  • Visibility 32km
  • Runways in use: 06L, 06R, 07L, 07R

Something like this @PortSide_Airways?

Extremely heavy traffic at KLAX,

-Be on guard for low-passing players.

-3 to 10 knot winds with 1 to 5 knot gusts.

-Be cautious when landing since many planes are attempting to take off without permission.

Airport Busy Rating: 8/10

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@Aviationluver Weather patrol
@gamingpilot Traffic patrol

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Yes sir…

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WSSS Report

ATC frequency is not very busy

Great visibility

Wind around 10kts

Airport Busy Rating: 3/10

It doesn’t really help if you tell us the traffic without the server.

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I’m weather patrol, also guys to save some time just go to a wind speed map and then go to airports in that area.

Can I patrol in an F:22 it lets me get to different airports faster.

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Server: Playground
Location: KPSP
Winds: 9 knots with gusts of 16

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No just for people to post here. That topic was strictly for weather. This one if for delay postings and weather and traffic.