IF was "down under" and dirty but the force was with me!


I’ve been following the ATC schedule and doing a few overnighters…but this one made it to my special list.


At the gate flight planning and mentally preparing for the boring over sea long haul with the big heavy lug.

Came across some company traffic heading to New Zealand and who wanted to drag race on the tarmac @thenewpilot

He jumped the light, but I won

Then he caught up

Finally, something to see. Hawaiian islands

So here’s where it got interesting. Infinite Flight decided to get dutty and throw up a few challenges

  1. Sydney was busy, ATC was on so I was on my best behavior.
  2. Traffic was heavy and a ton of traffic was lined up waiting to roll
  3. Infinite flight and it’s wonderful aircraft said, “nanny nanny boo boo, no ILS for you” since there’s no approach hold on the A380
  4. The A380 also has no active dashboard
  5. Why not throw him some nice gust just before touch down
  6. If that wasn’t enough, let’s add a slight crosswind
  7. Did I say traffic was heavy and I knew everything was gonna be expedite expedite expedite
  8. Don’t embarrass yourself

Heavy Sydney and then Mr. FEDEX on my right with the parallel landing wanted to race to @Pilot_B

Crosswind and all

Drifted it in and still put it down.

Clean, on the line and pitch perfect…ahhhhh

Anyways, check out the video of the landing if you want.

Somehow YouTube took away my 4k upload quality

Mini and kidi mods… stop counting my pics and leave a like. They’re 10

At the gate and wiping all the sweat from the yoke.


the humor, the pictures, love it!


LOL Drag race 😂 I guess you’re not wrong though

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Beautiful topic ! Pics and humor were on point
I also landed on that runway yesterday, I liked it with the buildings below. It was busy indeed

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Thanks a bunch!!

Welcome to the humor topic gang! :)


Nice shots there lol. Btw in the last picture why was there a Swiss a330 lmao

Hey I think that Fedex MD-11 was me. Nice pictures!

that’s gonna be a problem 🤣

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I thought that was a UFO

Ive seen an a330 from iberia on sydney that day🤔

That’s weird lol

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It was you!!!

My co-pilot was like…“gas it!!!”