IF vs. Real Life Traffic (Expert Server) (LFPG)

LFPG in the Expert Server is really busy rn. Real interesting to see it compared to Real life (Approach in IF seems a little busier)

IMG_2931 IMG_2930


Very cool! Looks like an AF-KLM VA Group Flight.


That’s pretty cool how similar they are in resemblance, you can almost see the shape in both of them. I can say I was a part of that giant conga! It was great fun!


It was indeed.
We love it and are grateful when either of AFKLM’s hubs are featured.
The best way we found to show appreciation is flying. So that’s what we did 😄

We organized a first group flight between Nice and Paris while each of our pilots was flying a different plane of our fleet (but we lacked a few pilots 😬…)
Then, a second group flight later between our other Hub - Amsterdam - and Paris using Transavia B737.
Was a lot of fun especially thanks to Approach and Tower Controllers who did a fantastic job.