IF Virtual Trip Report | ANA 777-300ER RJAA - KLAX

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening IF community! This is the start of my own virtual Trip Report series starting with my first ever long haul flight in IF!

Here is the info

Aircraft: ANA 777-300ER (Reg. JA777A)
Seat: 37K | Economy (great view not gonna lie)
Total flight time: 8 hours 27 minutes
Cruising altitude: FL370
Cruising speed: ~Mach 0.88 (Probably, I forgor πŸ’€)
Route: RJAA (Tokyo Narita) - KLAX (Los Angeles)
Server: Expert

Here are the photos I took to share with all of you!

(1) Departure : Bye Bye Japan! Hope to come again soon!

(2) Cruising over the Pacific. About 7 more hours to go! (There was some turbulence around here)

(3) Getting closer to the US while the sun starts to rise.

(4) Approaching KLAX’s Runway 24R using an approach used by most flights from Asia land.

(5) Smooth landing from the Japanese crew of ANA!

(6) After passing immigration, customs and leaving the airport, I decided to do a bit of plane spotting. Shown here is my plane, ready to go back to Tokyo in the next 2 hours. Thanks ANA!

Overall flight rating: 9/10
The service and operation was great. Amazing food was served. The economy seats were also very comfortable. Giving this category 5 stars
The flight was also great. There was some turbulence around the pacific near Japan disrupting my sleep, giving it a 4 stars.

You can stay tuned for next Saturday (November 5th) for another trip report on ANA, flying from Narita to Bangkok in premium economy!

I would also appreciate you voting this poll on favorite picture!!

    1. Departure from Narita
    1. Cruising over Pacific
    1. Sunrise nearing the US
    1. Approach with view of KLAX
    1. Landing
    1. After flight plane spotting

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Damn, it’s wayyy too fast


I did put the β€œ~” symbol meaning about. I totally forgot what my speed was because it was yesterday.

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Oh ok I see

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Totally fine!

Amazing photos! I did that exact flight 8 days ago. It was an amazing flight.

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Nice shots! Glad you used 24R πŸ‘

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Is that even possible lol

Nice trip report


I did reply this to someone earlier. Thanks for viewing!

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