IF Virtual Airlines

Good evening everyone,

Various topics have been created on this subject. I would like to know all different virtual airlines for IF.

Could one member of each VA post the name of his VA and it’s website? If you know that a VA exists and if it has not been posted (even If you are not a member of it), post it!

I know some: AC, United…etc.

Hope it will be a nice recap post,


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Use the search function on this website to find virtual airlines ;)
Here we go, I’ve started you off: https://community.infiniteflight.com/search?q=virtual%20airlines

I am the CEO of Sky Airlines www.skyairlinesifva.host22.com we have advanced PIREPS , bid a flight and more :)

Thanks to both of you.

I only found these airlines VA for IF:

  • United
  • American
  • Air Canada

I am not able to find any other Airline VA 😞

American Airlines have a website www.americanif.net :)


AA’s site looks very good. But is there any european VA?

I would love to join any of these VA if they exist:

  • AF
  • BA
  • KLM
  • CX
  • EK
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Yes , Air France have a website but i don’t remember

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I would love to join AF!!! 😊😊😊
Could anyone please find me the website???

Thanks thanks Joe!!

AF have a CEO but i don’t see the website

Yes… I am also searching their website…

Please help,


Here the website http://superflyerusa.wix.com/air-france-virtual enjoy :)

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I really don’t know how I can thank you Michael Gonzalez!!! Thank you so much!

You are the best! 😉

Take care,

Unfortunately, we need Facebook…any other way?

Could someone part of the VA send me a private message?

Any Cathay Pacific VA which does not need Facebook to register? 😉

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Air France need Facebook to register?

Where is/are the representative(s) for the Qantas VA?

Unfortunately, yes… 😞

You are looking another airline?

Well, if AF VA will allow me to join without passing by Facebook, it would be Great.

CX, BA, KLM are fine too…but If I could join AF…it would be Great. Maybe someone could help?

Join Qantas Virtual Airlines… In my opinion it is the MOST Organized Virtual Airline in IF… Check it out http://www.qantasvirtual.net


Has KLM, British Airways or Lufthansa got a group as well?