IF Violation issued

Hi all, good everyone IFC,

I am deaf and can’t hear. I have my phone in the game for IF also already that moment when I got my game bad experience simulation my negative have an issue. First time violations last in July 2020 than 347 days and now violation again yesterday and today from Server Expert ← my bad experience avoid game.

I am not clear just add more explanation for me, please? You can help me?

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I controlling UUEE where you were, so if you have questions feel free to ask PM.

Oh that’s right and I got it. Because I lost my game own (N364WY) on Aeroflot Boeing 739. My bad experience first times and second same was avoided from grades 3 to 2 sound not good for me. Who the contact where find it is on IFC?

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If you need help explaining your violation, write me a private message. Otherwise, show a screenshot of your stats here

Sure. Yes, I will send to you the picture in the message.

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If your ever on Expert server again would love to fly with you. We all get discouraged at times but sounds like you are eager to learn. Don’t ever stop flying !! Setbacks are just Bigger comebacks.


I understand thank you yes sir. Already, I talked to him in the message private. I’ll wait for me in 7 days. But I am so sometimes harsh from my game on IF.

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Just means you expect nothing more than the best. Great attitude to have for yourself. Dream Big(ger).

And come to think of it I think I have flown with you a handful of times. Your name sounds really familiar

What do Expert the flown highest and engines speed 350 mph limited only and not 500 mph? Level attitude 30,000 ft and less than 40,000 ft?

Takeoff and landing expect slow 250 mph and 10,000 ft level? How?

On your HUD you see GS which is ground speed which is what you are referring to. The speed on your speed tape is your air speed which changes with altitude because the air is thinner the higher up you go.


Ohh, I see and yes, I got it changed either Airspeed and Ground speed on IF. Thanks.

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I would suggest before starting your flight - DM the controller to inform him of your condition. We have a lot of nice controllers here on the IFC so they would definitely help you out :)

Safe flying! If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

(Honestly, a moderator or ATC Manager (@ Tyler) should create a topic for this so those who need it can refer to it. Unless there already is one - correct me if I am wrong.)

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