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For a while now I have been posting photos on Best IF Photos waiting for someone to make a video posting topic. Finally, this allows it. You can either use your YouTube videos, or videos from your camera roll.

Here’s mine:


For a topic called “best IF videos”, that video could have been made by anyone. I think it could be a part of a bigger video called something like “New Global Fetaures”, burn on its own it really isn’t one of the “best IF videos”.

I am not trying to offend anyone, but I could have made this pretty quickly.

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I think he wants it to be a thread simalar to best phtos in IF


Here are few of mine:


That wasn’t what I said, I was saying a thing it really isn’t your “Best IF Video”. By that I didn’t mean it isn’t yours, I meant that it probably isn’t your best.

Oh sorry I misread 😢. I will change the title.

Initiative is great! Thanks!
We already see some more good video’s being posted. Looking forward to seeing some more.

Here’s mine


This looks remarkably the same as the one on the IF website, with some interesting add-ons ;-)

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This is my submission.


Hello! I believe this is quite similar to: List of Community YouTube Accounts.
In the topic above, you can post your YouTube video (or any video yo own / recorded) and your channel name and people will give you constructive criticism on what you did well and what you could do better.
Your channel name would be put in the main post.

Safe flying!

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You can’t upload videos directly from your camera roll to the IFC ;)
Also you forgot to turn on beacons in your video.

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No issue with this thread. We will provide a moderator crafted one soon as an official thread.