IF Version Numbers?

This is not important, but how are these version numbers linked?
There are two different version numbers in two different places.

The IF version in the App Store is 16.06.3:

The IF version in IF under About is

Just wondering.


Thats a realy good question that only the developers know

WoW I confused with the numbers!

not as confused as you’ll be with these

Okay, well say you created a game, and it’s your first release. Version 0.00.1. You fix a couple bugs. Version 0.00.3. You fix all obvious bugs. Version 0.00.8.

A big update including ten new cars and planes. Version 0.01.0. There are some bugs to fix. Version 0.01.5.

Three more updates later, seven buses and fifteen new planes. Version 2.7.8. Uh oh, some bugs. Version 2.7.9. That’s how I imagine it.

Weird. It’s not that important though.

It’s about different numbers in different locations.

It varies by convention for a specific language, but generally you have major.minor.build.revision. it looks like the app store only displays major.minor.build.

Major = big changes. Like adding live and rewriting a ton of the app.
Minor = not such a big change. Like changing a menu display, some smaller algorithm changes, etc.
Build = this usually increments when you don’t make any changes big enough for incrementing Major or Minor numbers, but still needed a new build with some small changes or fixes (like a hotfix).
Revision = not always used, usually only in development if it is. This should increment every time you build the app. Even if you only change a single letter and don’t increment the other version numbers, this will increment.

This varies by convention decided on and individual developers.

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Still a weird difference.
Without the zeros I would get it, sort of.

I think that the developers can make minor changes to the app not through the app store. That’s what I imagine all other numbers are.

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