IF vanished

I don’t whether it’s a hack or not my Google accounts password has been changed, IF was uninstalled from my phone I Cant
acces play store all happened in last 30 min.
Require urgent help.

Is anyone else signed into your Google account?

No only me… No one elsel has access to it…

Hi there!

What device are you using?
What software are you running?
How do you know you’ve been hacked?

I would calm down as it’s probably a minor issue ;)

But hey, who knows?


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How can some one change my password, uninstall IF , prevent access to play store probable hackers

Redmi Note 4g NOUGAT

What does the screen look like when you open the Play Store?

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When was the last time you accessed it? Have you played since global was released?

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Oh god no…I just scanned my phone

I have 10-15 trojan horse alerts.

Is this trolling or??

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Doesn’t seem like it, the account was made a couple of months ago.

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Serious bro I lost my Google account… Please wait let me first scan my phone and delete this threats

How’s your network connection?

Kind of slow… But just got renewed the monthly package for net… Now it seems okay…

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But still can’t access majority of my stuff…

If Infinite Flight vanished, the best way is to just reinstall it. If you can’t access the Play Store, talk to your phone company about it.

I would not talk to the phone company, but rather the play store customer service

Everything’s sorted , I have give this phone To my uncle he works for cyber crime officer …he will sort this out.Thanks for all of those who reached out to help me.
Developers now you can close this.