IF VA Korean Air

Can anyone tell me if Korean Air is open as a VA. Because none of the IFVARB Admins are texting me back.

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You can always check here:

There seems to be no Korean Air Virtual Anymore. If you would like to make one, please refer to this topic:

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I did and it isn’t in there. But it isn’t updated to the last stand or is it?

It is. It is constantly updated

that means that I can reserve my VA?

That means that you may Reserve Korean Air and try to make it become a VA, if that is what your asking

Yeah that’s what i’m asking

Yes. The only catch is that you must be TL2 or member to reserve your Virtual Airline. I must also recommend having a strong foundation to your Virtual Airline before contacting a admin.

i’ll be TL2 in 2 days and then i’ll contact an Admin.

All is detailed in the thread above. It might take more than two days to gain TL2 status, but I wish you luck with the VA once you’re there!