IF uses too much battery

I have the low power mode enabled but the battery keeps going down even though my device is plugged in? Why is this happening and what can I do to reduce my battery usage?

Turn on power saving, turn down graphics and brightness… airplane count lowest. Just turn down your settings.

Do leave your device to charge for a little bit if it is really low.

The best setting on IF, the one that reduces graphics on long haul flights. Also turn graphics down.

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If this doesn’t work, it’s an issue with your battery, not IF.


But I like to have good quality scenery during my flights.

Well, sometimes you can’t get everything you want…


Then there’s nothing you can do apart from watch your battery drain like spaghetti on a colander.

That’s good and all, just keep it down if you’re sleeping or not actively watching.

As I said before, I do have the low power mode enabled but i need high quality senery for good screenshots.

Turn it up when going on replay mode, not mid flight.

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Just turn it higher to take a screenshot and then back down again.

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If it’s not a battery issue, probably a cable issue. Have you tried another charger to use on your device? Have you tried another plug socket?

I have the same issue with pretty much all chargers

Tried different plug sockets then?

What device are you using?

I am using an ipad air I think

Which generation?


I think 2nd

Boy will the generation probably explain some stuff. If it’s an early one, that’s gonna be pretty weak. Not that I know anything about IOS devices.

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Odd question but are you flying indoors at room temperature? The temp really affects battery.