IF use on PC

how can I play IF on computer?

As of now, there is no way to do so.

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Adding on to @snoman’s point, I used to use it on computer. After 19.4 came out, it stopped. Not sure if there is a different way than the one I was using, but right now, it is not supported.

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All I know is that you can get a chrome cast and screen mirror if but you still need to use your phone.

IF is not meant or developed in any way for use on PC and is not officially supported. I’d suggest just sticking to your normal device ;)

Prior to 19.4 you could use an emulator to run an android system. However, emulators are in no way supported and have known issues around performance and access to replays. Starting with 19.4 the app included features that emulators did not like and caused many to not start.

Infinite Flight is a mobile simulator and will be focusing on that for the time being.


I remember I downloaded it on a school Chrome book once. The chrome books would let you download mobile apps on a mini laptop. I don’t know if it works anymore.

If you have an S10 or above your phone ones with Link to Windows, from there you can screenshare infinite flight to your laptop and play using your laptop.

Check out the Microsoft Phone companion app which allows you to control your Android screen.

Also you can downloand bluestacks 3rd party program to your pc.

Like said above, it’s not officially supported and is not guaranteed or made to work.

The chances of success are even less with the features of 19.4 not liking the workings of emulators.

Yeah not guaranteed but still have a chance 😅

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