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Hey Community!

I haven’t been active on here or IF much since the TBM update. Could someone please briefly summarize what has changed either here or in-game. Thanks!



Hey Bro. Since the TBM, not much has happened, except for a lot of Airport edits. Also, this should be in the General category, not meta. 👍

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Hey there, welcome back! As for updates, we haven’t had any since the TBM apart from edited airports but we are expecting the 737 rework with split scimitars and new liveries. Along with that should be the A-10 rework. Hope that answers your question!


Yip a lot to look forward to so keep your eyes peeled for any teasers 😬😂

Nothing has been changed. Everthing is same…

Wasn’t these two supposed to come out today?

And where did you get that information?

He probably got it from last night’s FNF, in which Misha stated that the A-10 was anticipated to arrive but not confirmed.


Wow, must of missed that, hope it comes soon in that case.

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The TBM930 was the latest aircraft to blow the minds of everyone on IF. That update was about a month ago.

The Infinite Flight Staff Team has stated that there will be one more update of the 2018 Season. That update will include a totally reworked A-10 (with multiple liveries) with some work on the B737 Family Model (also including multiple new liveries) and a whole lot more. The Infinite Flight Team is working record pace to get quality updates out to us as quick as they can.

Along with that giant update upcoming from the IF Staff; The Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team has been working really hard to edit airports to the high standard that we strive for as well as update the app’s Navigation Database… This team works so hard and we always can use help - Apply Here

Keep your eye out on @infiniteflight’s Social Media Platforms (Linked Below) as well as the #announcements category for all of the exciting news and leaks for the upcoming update as well as any & all future updates.

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image Infinite Flight Twitter

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So basically, Marcel, nothing has really happened since the TBM update.

Not to speculate, or be annoying, but is there an estimated ETA for the update? I cant wait!

Between now and December 31st, 2018 🤷🏼‍♂️🤐

Keep watch on all of those different social media platforms linked above as well as the #announcements category.

You can also watch https://infiniteflight.com/blog/ - Jason has been doing an awesome job with the Blog

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I did see that theyre putting the final touches, so definitely NOT December 31st! XD

It’s not a full rework, just a mini rework, where they add new liveries and clean up some broken things about the aircraft. (We won’t get a new cockpit though).

(@Expert_King557 it’s British Airways, sorry, it a pet peeve)


Thanks guys. Let’s hope these new reworks will be great ones!

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it is ok that you are happy, but not everyone is enthusiastic about the TBM … I definitely not and I think there is still someone else who does not celebrate it

Thank you


The 737 is re- whatever- you-want-to-call-it, an upfreshendate maybe? Just added the ground effect inherent to all aircraft, a fresh coat of paint of new/updated livery’s is about all it is and some wing mods for flex.

The A-10 I hear is though, a full rework. If they happen to add new engine sound packs (not saying they did) for it like they did for the TBM; I’d hope they would at least add them to the CRJs also since they are essentially the same engines TF34s for the A-10 CF-34 for the CRJ/ERJs to make the A-10 worth it. They said a “game changer” addition. I just hope that they don’t give it the ability for trolls to bomb and strafe airports/other players

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