IF Updated, now Live-Connect Crashes

Contacted Live-Flight Connect re it crashes now on start-up.
FYI if anyone else experienced it.
Nvidia Shield K1
2g ram 64g memory
Android 7
PS Thank you for moving this to third party.

Not following at all.

Is this about LiveFlight Connect that your run on MacOS/Windows or about something different? A bit confused…


Thank you
Windows 10 PC laptop.
Worked before this am’s update so I emailed Cam.
Nvidia Tablet is my Android device


I’m like that, too. I install when active API it recognizes and closes speaking that it is in problem. I already did everything already until I formatted my notebook and the problem continues. After the update I can not use the program.

I have the same issue too. The thing is that when I tap on the game, it goes through the “Infinite Flight” loading screen at the beginning, then the menu screen stays for like 2 seconds, then the game crashes. I can’t seem to get on the game at all, and my Live is very close to expiring, if it hasn’t already, which I am not that excited that I can’t use my Infinite Flight Pro, and I don’t think that is fair.

I have posted a support ticket a long time ago, it said I needed a moderator’s approval, but I got nothing since.

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In other words that means you needed to be TL2 to post in #support . You can now. If this gets solved, then you can follow the steps the person with the solution provided and you shouldn’t have an issue.

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Seems Live-Connect has been corrected.
I went to https://www.liveflightapp.com/
and re-downloaded for windows (10) and now it works with my PC and Thrustmaster HOTAS…has been a while.
Using Android 7 on Nvidia tablet.

Mine does not work!😩

Reading your other thread.
I use Windows 10 , not IOS. Might want to go through re-work again as you did previously. Good luck.

Mine loads up but wont get off the Connecting to Infinite flight page… even when i connect it all

I am very happy that it came back to work here. Many thanks Cameron.

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