IF Update Refresh, Rework!

I think that many of us have been frustrated because of the bugs and some position failures regarding airplanes, if you do not understand me, watch this video:
It’s so frustrated!

Credits for Infinite Flight Multiplayer.

It would be good if they updated that point, since it would make the simulator much more realistic.

This is not a bug in the way you think, and not something you put in a feature request :)

It’s due to update refresh rate over the network. If you or the pilot in this case have an iffy connection, this behavior can occur due to missing positioning updates.

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Thanks, but so how can I miss this?

Isn’t there any way to make it more exact,
I mean how can it be improved?

We’re constantly trying to balance this, but it’s hard due to huge amount of different devices and connections being used in the app. There’s not much you can do besides make sure your connection is as good as possible.

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Okey, thats what I wanted to know!

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