IF union

I am looking for people to be If union conveners as I believe I am the only one…
We are the people that care about you. We keep this peace at va’s and make sure pilots are not getting miss treated at va’s we operate at 5 different va’s and it’s going really well
Any questions please DM

What are you trying to do exactly?


A union for what exactly?

Create a union

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Sort of @Huw please dm for information

For what purpose? Everyone who is on the VAs are there voluntarily, not because they were hired.


If your wish is create union of VAs, you can just create an alliance, but I think you should be a CEO of a VA.

Guys it is going really well at other Va’s that I operate at


I would recommend this service. we are proud to announce that JetBlue Virtual a brand new airline has used this service and is better off because of it.

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