IF unavailable in Chinese App Store

Can’t find IF in Apple Store (Region: CN)
I have no idea why this happened
Edit: Waiting for the answer from a Staff member


This could be because many requirements to play IF are unfortunately considered illegal in China.

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I don’t think that’s illegal. I know there are no laws that limit players playing games

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Both Facebook and Google are, unless I am mistaken and I will gladly redact my previous!

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It’s possibly a regulatory issue. There are some apps which use Facebook and/or Google to log in and to connect which are sometimes banned by certain countries.
One of the Chinese users on here could certainly help you out though.

Honestly both of these 2 apps are available to use in China

I am a Chinese player and I have no idea what’s going on, so I create this topic on IFC

Not just infinite flight, aerofly and xplane are disappeare too… In China, thousands of apps were removed from APP store…

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Oh is it? Good to know this.
@Di_Hu if it’s not showing up as an app at all in the store, it’s possibly a regulatory issue unfortunately. I’ll wait for one of the staff to comment though.

Yes it is
And waiting for the reply of a Staff member may be the best choice 😶


Not sure if that’s true, let’s waif for Staff’s answer

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They’re currently on a bit of a break for the holidays, so might take a little while. I’m sure they’ll have an answer though.
In the meantime…I guess, just enjoy what the community has to offer. I’m sorry you can’t fly though, that must not be nice at all.


All the comments are appreciated but as it’s been said multiple times now, let’s wait for the comment of a Staff member who might have more information on this now. Thank you!


I found a blog about it @Di_Hu

In early December, Apple issued a notification email requesting game developers in China to submit version number information in the background. The email shows that in order for the developer’s paid games or games with in-app purchases to be used on the App Store China, you need to enter the game version number and supporting files in the App information section of the App Store Connect game page, and before December 31 Submit the update to App Review. After December 31st, games that are not submitted as required will not be available on the App Store in China until the game version number is submitted.

According to statistics, 47,692 apps were removed from Apple’s App Store today, most of which are game products, and most of them are games without edition numbers, including “NBA 2K20”, “Assassin’s Creed: True Colors”, “Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition”, " Hell Frontier" etc.


Unfortunately, it appears we’ve been removed from the store because of the requirements set by China.

We’re looking into ways to get back to the store but it may be some time before that can happen…

We have to add content to the app (warnings, etc), probably have local servers, get the app reviewed over there and go with a publisher that will often take cuts that are larger than what Apple takes and to make it worse, on top of it…

More info here:


Thanks for answering this question
Now a staff member can close this topic, again, really appreciate


Are you still able to fly?

Yes, but IF won’t be updated and re-installed from Apple Store in China until they back

So what will happen when the next update comes? You won’t be able to fly?

Would a VPN work in this case temporarily until it’s fixed? I’m actually planning to visit some family in Guangzhou this next fall for a month or two…