IF Trip Report; Southwest Airlines Flight 2719 and 5607

Infinite Flight Trip Report; KSFO - KMCO (w/stop in Vegas)
Southwest 2719 / 5607
A few weeks ago I took a “short” trip from KSFO to KMCO on Southwest Airlines. Since they have no direct flight between the two cities I took a flight to Vegas, and then from there, a flight to Orlando. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery in Vegas so they won’t be shown here. I later charged it back up with my portable battery onboard SWA5607.

2:15pm - delayed due to bird strike!
Here is a photo of our first aircraft, although they usually operate this route with a -700, due to a bird strike with that aircraft, we get this one instead:

The Flight is delayed for a little more than an hour although once I get on the full flight, the crew cheerfully (and quickly) welcome us aboard.

3:45pm - pushback
Doors armed, crosscheck complete. And we’re out of here! I captured this pic right after pushback as they run through the pre-taxi checklist.

~3:55 - Takeoff!
After a while of waiting for taxi at busy SFO, we taxi down to runway 1L and takeoff. The takeoff is very long and we fly very close to the water for a few moments.

A bit after takeoff - right turn
About 10 minutes after we takeoff (after getting over Bay Area Traffic), we begin a right turn towards Las Vegas, unfortunately I do not have any pictures of Vegas as the battery on my camera ran out.

About 10 minutes later…
We reach cruising altitude and I grab this picture of East Bay (area east of the bay, within the bay area).

Flying over Yosemite I take this photo:

My camera runs out of battery

Due to heavy turbulence drinks were not served and only a short run through of snacks happens, although everyone is still excited for Vegas!

About 2 hours later…

In Vegas it turns out my flight was also delayed so I didn’t miss my flight like I thought I would. While in Vegas I looked for some power outlets I found were either not working or occupied.

Somewhere over Arizona:
A thick cloud layer forms

Further into Arizona:
The sunsets as I jump into a good movie.

After that I take a “short” nap.

Over Orlando:
After I wake up from my nap, I realize we were on approach into MCO, I quickly whip out my camera.

After a not so smooth arrival into MCO, I snap this final shot of the wing.

Overall, both flights were great and had friendly crew. Thanks for reading this Trip report!

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Sorry guys, I wasn’t done and accidentally pushed create.

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This looks so good! Love it a lot.


When you pushback why do you have flaps at 40??

Because in the takeoff photo you have flaps at 0. You took off with no flaps, an extremely risky move!

Otherwise nice photos

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This is a trip report… blame the pilot, not me!


I like this concept nice pics

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Thanks. Although I’m not the first to do IF trip reports! Thanks for stopping by!


You’re welcome

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Very nice trip report! One thing for next time - charge that camera!!


I will definitely do that next time! 😁.

Sorry I reply so late. I was landing in expert.

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Trip reports are always good! KEEP up the good work!!


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