IF Trip Report (LFPG-GOBD)

Hi and welcome to my first IF trip report! Hope you like it :)

Flight Information
Airbus A330-900neo Air Senegal
Flight Time: 5 hours and 15 minutes
Cruising Altitude: 37,000ft

Trip Report

On my way to my gate, my plane landed from Dakar

My plane has arrived at the gate


My seat for today’s flight

Takeoff! Bye-bye Paris!

After hours of flying, I am now over Morocco


Landing! Unfortunately, my flight is already over :(

After arriving at the gate, it’s time to disembark.

Last view of my plane. It was a beautiful flight. Thanks, Air Senegal!


Haha loved it, looking forward for more😂


Thank you! :)

Wow that was just like a real trip report on yt! Great job!

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Thank you ;)

How did you get the seat view? Love the photos by the way

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Hi! I’m glad you like the photos! To have a view of the seat you need to use the “interior drone 1” or “interior drone 2” camera. So you move with the camera inside the plane and you can have that view. However, not all planes have seats inside them. In addition, the CRJs have a special view (in the camera section) of the seats.

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Beautiful trip report/screenhots !!
I will do this route once Dakar gets 3D. 🇸🇳

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Thank you! This route is really nice :)

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