IF Trip Report! KPSP-KSFO

Hello everyone! Yesterday I decided to take a Virgin America flight from Palm Springs to San Francisco to see my buddy.
Here are 10 photos I took and you will also find a trip report below as well.

Here is my ride for today, N361VA, a 6 year old Airbus 320

Once on board, we were given a pre-departure snack along with a drink. I just went for water.
Here is a picture of us taxiing to Runway 31L

Takeoff was pretty short off of 31L

The flight has quite a few empty seats, so I moved around the cabin to get some good shots of the scenery

Those mountains are just beautiful!
Here is another picture I took at 36,000ft. the fields remind me of checker boards πŸ˜‚
A few minutes later, it was time to decend. I went back to my seat, buckled up, and prepared for landing
Here is a picture of us on final approach for 28L at SFO
The pilots did a greaser on landing πŸ˜„

Here we are taxiing to parking

In the terminal, I took one last picture of this beautiful bird

See you soon N316VA!

Hope you guys enjoyed this trip report!
Let me know if you want me to make another one
Peace out.


Great pictures mate.

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I think I saw you taking off at PSP! I was coming in to land on 13R and landed about 5 minutes after you departed. I was ASVA004 in case you don’t remember lol.

Anyways, great pictures!

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Yes! I remember you

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