IF-Trip Report “Good Value, But nothing More” JFK to Madrid

This IF Trip Report is inspired by The Points Guy:

After Spending a Week in Houston, I found a can’t miss deal on Iberia’s a350 to Madrid with a stopover in New York. I immediately booked a one way ticket in business class for just $3,000 and headed to the airport, patting myself on the back for scoring a last second deal. My flight from Houston was on American Airlines, a notable partner with Iberia. At 4:30 PM we touched down in JFK, and I transferred from terminal 8 to terminal 7, getting to my gate at 5:15 for a 9:00 flight. As I strolled in, I captured this picture of our plane coming in from Madrid

I spent a few hours In the lounge, only to realize that our flight had been delayed two hours!!! I made my way to the gate area around 10 pm and promptly boarded. I was then notified that we wouldn’t push back until 11:30, 30 minutes past our original delayed push back which caused groans throughout the cabin. At 11:26 we took off and I captured this picture of the Canarsie departure from a friend I met at the lounge’s economy class seat.
Since it was already really late, I skipped dinner and slept soundly until the sun began to rise over the atlantic
When I woke up, the cabin crew seemed genuinely disappointed that they had to serve yet another passenger. As we made our way towards Madrid we crossed the border between Portugal and the atlantic
I would also like to point out that the amenities given to me weren’t great. Flimsy headphones and a couple toiletries won’t do the job for me, let alone, in business. I had a decent Spanish omelette but it wasn’t the best, along with sausage and fresh fruit- nothing special. We soon began our windy approach into Madrid and touched down at about 11:45 Madrid time with 40 knot cross winds. Although I was disappointed about the food and service, I must admit the seat was great- plush and great lumbar support. On my way out I snagged a shot of the jump seat and plane
All in all it was a pretty solid flight, but given this is a flagship route for Iberia, I don’t think I will be flying them again.

Thanks for reading my trip report and have a nice night!!!


I really like the formatting and how you described all of the photos as they were a trip report! You should do more in the future!

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try and do more in the coming weeks- I’m eyeing the JFK-SFO in JetBlue mint for Saturdays’s ATC

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“Just” ;)

Portugal (and also the following Spain pictures)! Looks fantastic!

Nice post and realistically sounding trip report (if a bit to negative in my honest opinion). Well done though, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the feedback Julian!

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Awesome pictures. The format is pretty cool.

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Thanks so much!

I really like your post. I really do. But all these reviewers expect everything to be like Singapore Airlines first class. If I flew in a premium cabin, I wouldn’t give two apples what the service was like lol

I agree with you, actually, but I tried to base my idea for the trip report on a frequent flyer who is used to flying around the world on various airlines. Again- I didn’t fly this route in real life- much too expensive for a student in college

Wow I have not seen aything like this. Very creative nice work. Love the formatting you did. Keep up the good work!

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