IF Trip Report- American Airlines One Millionth mile

On Sunday I arrived in Albany Airport concourse C, my home airport, for a very special occasion…
It was my one millionth mile on American Airlines.
I arrived at the gate to see a CRJ-700 loaded up with cargo and ready to go.

Next I walked down the jet bridge to get a closer look
She’s a beauty. anyways,
Upon arrival in my seat
I received a letter of appreciation to the airline, and a glass of orange juice. After I settled in my seat, I was invited to the flight deck to meet the captain! image|830x466 Soon we had left the gate and we were in the air. This was a rather short flight to KPHL, and we cruised at FL280 and FL300. Right after we passed 10,000 feet the drink service and quick snack service came through the cabin. I selected sprite and a mixed berry granola bar. After about 24 minutes of flying we were soon beginning our descend into Philadelphia.
At last after a bumpy descend we were on the ground. Here we were exiting runway 27L Finally we taxied to the terminal and de boarded , but before that, I snagged a shot inside the flight deck and thanked the captain and crew

I had a great flight and look forward to flying with American yet again!!!


I actually really enjoyed viewing these photos. Something you don’t see everyday in a completely new perspective. A nice refresh from the day-by-day ordinary shots I typically see. Great Trip Report and hope to see more of this in the future. :)

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Thanks so much for the positive feedback. Personally I love reading trip reports so I decided to do one myself!

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These are amazing and I keep seeing them pop up first I know @Luke_Sta did some a while back then I did one the @Brad did one and know you keep up the good work really great to see more of these and those photos


Thanks. Appreciated that very much!

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