IF Trip Report 5 Part 2 "From the white mountains to Oklahoma ... with a surprise at the end"

Have you already watched Part 1 of this Trip Report? Well, if you haven’t, watch it because it’s directly related to this. Anyway, after arriving in Seattle from San Francisco and spending a night in the city, I returned to the airport to finish the trip. Today, my flight, an Alaska Airlines (737-900, old livery), is headed to Oklahoma City. It should take about 3 hours.

Flight Information
Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900
Flight Time: 3 hours
Cruising Altitude: 35,000ft

Trip Report

Here I am again at Seattle Tacoma Airport. After less than 24 hours (or at least I think, with all these flights I am so tired and I have lost track of time), I have to take another flight, which will take me to Oklahoma. Here is my plane at the gate.

Boarding completed! This plane is nice inside too. Do you prefer the view of this flight or the view of the previous flight? I prefer this one.

After a long taxi, the plane is now taking off!

Magnificent climb with the view of Mount Rainer

At 35,000ft


Land… Hey, what? A go-around! It had never happened to me! This go-around is due to the missed landing due to the strong wind. The plane has climbed to 5000 feet and we are now ready to land (this time for real😅l).


Arrived at the gate. Seat belts sign off!

Last view of my plane. The trip (at least for what concerns the aspect of the planes, since I have some business to attend to in the city) is already over! Thanks, Alaska Airlines for the two beautiful flights! I hope you liked the Trip Reports, see you soon!

If you haven’t seen Part 1, here’s the link:
Part 1 of this Trip Report



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