IF Trip Report 5 Part 1 "From California to Oklahoma, with one stopover"

Hi! Welcome back to another Trip Report! Today I’ll fly from San Francisco to Oklahoma City, with a little stop at Seattle. I’ll take Alaska Airlines for both flights. During this flight, I’ll take an A320-200. I hope you like it :)

Flight Information
Alaska Airlines Airbus A320-200
Flight Time: 1 hour and 55 minutes
Cruising Altitude: 36,000ft

Trip Report

I just arrived at San Francisco Airport Terminal 2 after a short stay in the city (I was in San Francisco for three days).

After I got into the plane, I took this awesome cockpit photo with some zoom! Wow, I love cockpits 😍

This will be my seat for today’s flight. I have a pretty good view of the wing and the engine, but it is not my favorite place… Anyway, the interior of this aircraft is fantastic!

After the taxi, we are taking off! Bye-bye San Francisco!

Climbing (with a nice view of KSFO Airport)

Wow! Another beautiful view during this flight. In this photo, the plane is at 36,000ft.

Approach (with also the spoilers for slowing down)


The plane arrived at the gate. Ready for disembarkation.

Last view of my plane, bye!
But that’s not all, tomorrow I’ll take the flight to Oklahoma City! I will sleep in a hotel nearby, take a tour of the city and take the second flight in the afternoon. I will post the photos soon!

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I love your Trip Report! I agree about the view next to the engine though! Your Trip Reports have given me a lot of inspiration to make my own Trip Report series! Love it!

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Thank you!

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