IF Trip Report 4 "The Spanish A330"

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Trip Report! Today I will fly on Iberia’s A330-300 for my first long-haul Trip Report. From magnificent Spain, we will go to the United States, specifically to Boston, a city where I have never been but I had to go there because of my job. I hope you like it!

Flight Information
Iberia Airbus A330-300
Flight Time: 7 hours and 10 minutes
Cruising Altitude: 36,000ft/37,000ft/38,000ft/40,000ft

Trip Report

Once I arrived at the airport, I noticed it was huge! After some time I arrived at the gate and had the great surprise of finding my plane parked next to a beautiful Iberia A330 and a fantastic Air India 777-300ER! (My plane is the one in the center)

That’s the seat for today’s flight! From it, I can see both the engine and the wing.

The other A330. I love it!

After a short taxi, we are taking off! You can also see two A220-300: an Air Baltic (Special Livery) and an Air France. (RWY14R)

Climbing to 36,000ft with a beautiful view of Spain!

Over Portugal at 36,000. I am almost over the Atlantic Ocean. Great!

After a few hours on the ocean and a boring approach, here we are on final (RWY 22L)!


Arrived at the gate.

Last view of my plane. Unfortunately, my flight is finished. These seemed like less than 8 hours! What a beautiful flight! See you next time, bye-bye!