IF Trip Report 3 "Little flight, little plane"

Hi and welcome back to another trip report! Today I took a short flight from Belgium to Germany on a CRJ 900, a nice little airplane with a seating configuration of 2-2. I was sitting at the back of the plane, on the left side. Here are the flight information and some photos I took during the flight.

Flight Information
Lufthansa CityLine Bombardier CRJ900
Flight Time: 35 minutes
Cruising Altitude: 23,000ft


Hi! On this beautiful day, I have just arrived at Brussels airport to go to Frankfurt, where I have work commitments.

After the usual airport procedures, a bus brought me to my plane. It is nice.


Here’s my seat for today’s flight. The seat configuration of this aircraft is 2-2 and in fact the fuselage is very narrow!

Takeoff after a short taxi! (RWY 07R)

At 23,000. Nice view!

Wow! The plane is already descending!

Landing! It wasn’t really the best but ok… (RWY 07C)

After 35 minutes of flight, I take the bus that brings me to the terminal and I leave this small but very lovely plane. Bye-bye!


Love the perspective! Unlike any other!