IF Trip Report 2 "Little Canadian flight"

Hi! Today I made my second trip report! I took a beautiful (and very short) flight in Canada, from Toronto to Ottawa on Airbus A220. Below are flight details and screenshots :)

Flight Information
Airbus A220-300 Air Canada
Flight Time: 40 minutes
Cruising Altitude: 25,000ft

Trip Report

After arriving at the airport, I’m ready for boarding. This is my first time on an A220


This is my seat for today’s flight. It’s pretty cool!

During the taxi, an Air Canada A220 (retro livery) is ready for takeoff at runway 33R. It’s going to Miami.

Takeoff! Bye-Bye Toronto! (RWY 24R)

At 25,000ft… with a little bit of wind!

Already approaching Ottawa :(

Landing! This flight was really short. Once off the plane, I check Flightradar to see how long it lasted.

After a short taxi, I’m ready for disembarkation.

Last view of my plane. The flight only lasted 40 minutes! Now I’m going to get my luggage and take a taxi to get to town. Bye!


awesome trip report! i love these types of topics

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Thank you :)

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Amazing photos!

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Thank you!

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Love it! Great photos and amazing flight plan.

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Thank you! It was a great flight :)

Let’s see more of these trip reports! Really enjoying them!

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I love these types of topics ! Definitely do more !

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In the future, I will do more! Glad you like them :)

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