IF Trailer

I am making a IF trailer, and I need your help. I need certain videos.
So here is a list. This is a wiki so comment down below which one you’re doing or if your a regular just edit in your name. I need the videos by 8/12
I will give full credit
A B787 vertical takeoff any runway- HV(Done)
A A320 cruising in the mountains of Denver (sunset time)- BluePanda
A B737-700 landing at KLAX - Xpheros
A A380 taking off - Xpheros
A free cam shot of a busy live airport - Planes ForLIfe
A timelapse of live (maybe @HV9690?) - HV- Steal one of mine or i’ll work on it
A Cessna 172 taking off from a airport in Seattle - Bulba
For the video you have to have to upload it to drive


A B737-700 landing at KLAX -
A A380 taking off -

Ill do both of them!
What liveries?


Sure Lol I’m doing one later today but thought you might need a good free cam shot :P


Its whatever livery you guys think looks best :)

I think you mean a 787 Vertical takeoff :P


I’ll do the a320! 😀


making sure yall know, I need videos

Can it be a screenshot?

Let me see the screenshot but for the rest it has to be video please

You can’t upload videos as replies

Hmm, any other way of sharing?

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Had to uploaded it to Google drive

What is this?

It’s a timelapse

Can I use it?

Yes that’s why I posted it here

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See if this fits

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Ill use these