IF Track RU - Infinite Flight Tracker coming soon!

Hello my name ilya. im make this flight map tracking with api and im going to add atc table very soon in new update :D

IF Track RU will also have english version. right now is only in russian language.

made with python flask, js and html. IF Track RU is for all infinite flight community. Im make this for russian community of infinite flight especially :D

To work on in next update:
- English version (45% Complete)
- Navigation Bar (70% Complete)
- logo (Completed. will be revealed soon)
- ATC statistic table (Finished as of 7/06/2022)
- flight path
- night mode (10% complete) 
- flight statistic when you press plane (80% complete)

im will open beta test very soon i will announce :D

logo also coming soon.

right now is only show where ATC location is and the flight in private server.

(sorry my english is not very good! and sorry if this thread is not tidy im going fix it)

Добро пожаловать на мою новую карту полетов. Меня зовут Илья, и я хотел бы представить этот новый веб-сайт для отслеживания полетов, и он будет иметь новые функции :D


ATC has arrived to IF Track RU! More servers are being added and the website is still under construction :)


New Update: virtual airlines can now apply to have their very own flight maps from my service.


New updates: Training server, casual server and expert server maps update multiple layer control

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