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What is IF-Tools?

IF-Tools is a website with a collection of small tools for Infinite Flight Live. It's built with server-side Blazor, and it's completely open-source.

Here's a list of current available tools:

  • Flight Lookup - Find flights by their callsign, IFC username, Flight/User Id, aircraft type or livery name.
  • Live Flights - View current flights on any given server.
  • Active ATCs - View currently active frequencies on any given server (except Casual).
  • Server Status - View current player count on any given server.
  • User Info - Find users by their IFC username / User Id and view their stats.



Github Repo

What is IF-Tools Briefings?

IF-Tools Briefings is a website that allows you to create flight briefings for quick and organized flight planning. This one is built with Blazor WebAssembly, and it's also completely open-source.

What is a briefing?

In this context and terminology, a briefing is a set of essential data needed for an IF flight.

A briefing contains:
  • The IF Live server.
  • The departure airport ICAO-code.
  • The arrival airport ICAO-code.
  • The departure runway number.
  • The (estimated) arrival runway number.
  • The estimated flight level.
  • The estimated cruise speed. (either in Mach or in TAS)
  • The estimated departure time.
  • The estimated time en route.
  • The flight plan.
  • The author’s name/nickname/identifier etc. (optional, can be left anonymous)
  • Any additional remarks.
  • Any image attachments. (charts, for instance)

Current features

These are the current features:

  • Create flight briefings that contain the minimum info needed for an IF flight. Share them with other people for easier group flying, or plan your future flights by keeping a list of your briefings.
  • Attach any images to your briefings. These can be aeronautical charts, screenshots or any other pictures needed for your flight.
  • Edit your already created briefings. Add any additional info after creating a briefing in case you’ve missed it during creation, or edit the main info to keep the briefing up-to-date.
  • Search created briefings. Find your next destination by searching briefings created by other users.
  • Make your briefings private and hide them from search, or keep them public for other users to see.


Reporting bugs

These projects are still in their early development stages. To report bugs or any other issues related to any of them, please use the Issues tab of the project's Github repository.

Requesting new features

Any suggestions, requests and recommendations are always welcome! Please use the Issues tab of the project's Github repository to submit your request.


Any contributions are always welcome as well! For more information, see the READMEs of the projects on Github.


A big thanks to the Infinite Flight developers for making the awesome Live API!

IF-Tools is not affiliated with Infinite Flight LLC.

So cool! Will definitelty be using this :)


This is amazing ! I checked it out and you can see so many things I will definitely use it 🛫👍🏻

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Cool website, i uploaded my first briefing!

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Very nice! Love the use of Blazor. I’m a React guy with experience using C# for the backend and have tried to use Blazor but not a lot. What did you think of it?


I liked Blazor. It’s easy to make UIs with, and SignalR makes client-server communication seamless.

The (obvious) problem with the server-side Blazor is the latency that exists when interacting with UI elements that have server-side logic to them. That required me to use JavaScript for some interactions that need a fast visual feedback (the nav menu, for example).

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@GZhynko great job! Is there a way to run this with a domain or can it only be ran locally for testing? Great job, by the way!

Now this is cool!

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Sure! You can compile and publish it to your server, and then configure a reverse proxy (like nginx) to make it work with a domain. Read more here.

Me reading that like: what 👀

I use PHP but this… I am sooooo confused 🤣

Useful. Thanks!

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Have you tried Blazor WebAssembly? If you still want fast server/client interaction you could even set up a SignalR hub to fetch the API data server side then send it to the client. Probably a bit quicker than making a HTTP request for each dataset you need.

Ooh, using an additional SingalR hub hasn’t occurred to me. But maybe websockets would be an overkill here, as there’s not that much data to be sent to client. Probably.

Yeah, I’ve tried WebAssembly before, but not in a scenario like that. Gonna do some tests then. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hey there!
IF-Tools Briefings has just been updated to v1.3. Here’s what’s new:

  • Your 5 most recently viewed and created briefings will now be shown on the main page. This uses the Web Storage API.

  • Briefings will now have airport weather information (METARs) included. These will be fetched each time you load a briefing.

  • Other minor improvements.

As always, please report any issues you encounter here, directly to me or via the issue tracker.

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