IF to play on PC

Could anyone help me out on ways to play IF on PC? Id like to try to play on a big screen rather than my iPad lol

Also, is anyone interested in a PC version of IF?

I believe you can play it on BlueStacks

You can use BlueStacks to run it but it is not supported at all on PC.

Yes, it’s possible, I’ve been using SE on Bluestacks since 2017, I’ve accumulated more than 11,000 hours of flight time on it, there are some bugs sometimes, but it’s flyable

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Hi, Infinite Flight is not supported on PC/ emulators.

There are a number of emulators that will run the simulator with a few caveats, but please be aware that you will not receive any official support if you have any issues.

Other alternatives would be perhaps streaming to a larger display. On Android this can be done via casting or ADB, there are other methods on iOS.


Alright thanks ill try it. I appreciate the assurance too

Bluestacks (windows and mac) and waydroid (linux) would be the ones

Understood, I do have a question though

Is it a difficult process to produce a PC version of IF? Of course i’ll happily stick to iPad, but it interests me to see if a PC version could be made.

As I’m not a developer, I couldn’t give you a factually correct answer, but one of the biggest issues is optimisation. There are thousands of PC components, and hundreds of thousands of possible setup configurations. Ensuring that the sim is optimised and supported correctly on these platforms would be a lot of work.

Plus, the developers have stated many times that mobile is their only current priority. It’s what the simulator is marketed as. But in the future, who knows 🤷

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Cool, thanks for letting me know

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But, as I mentioned above, you might have some success with emulators. Some users have managed to use the simulator on Bluestacks, which is currently the most popular and well optimised emulator.

Give it a try, you haven’t really got anything to loose 😎

(Just no official help/ support)


Do you know if it is possible to connect a joystick into IF through the emulator? I use a joystick on my iPad but I can’t seem to connect it with bluestacks.

I’ve had luck with an xbox controller and bluestacks. There’s some other programs in third party category on this forum that can do it

Yes, but it doesn’t work well, you need the JoyTokey app

Laura said a future release on PC is possible, but not planned at the moment

It’s available to download on blue stacks. 🙂