IF to keep in touch with memories of a faraway place?

Does anyone else use IF to keep in touch with places they once lived or visited? But often can’t realistically get back to easily?

One of my parents is from the UK, the other from the midwestern US. And I have family spread across the US and Asia, but spend most of my time down under.

Anyone else use IF to better connect their own geographic dots? Even just a special vacation memory?


I do this! I fly to Dubai sometimes as it’s a place where I’ve connected onwards to India many times, I’ve visited and it’s my favourite place so far. I also fly to ATL quite often and tho I’ve only visited the airport once I loved it because of how busy the airside is and I loved spotting from the windows before I boarded my flight. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this


I like to fly routes that I flew in the past, I enjoy flying to places that I used to live at since I’ve moved. Glad to know I’m not the only one 😂

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But weirdly, I’ve never flown frequently into or out of my home airport because it doesn’t have that many of great destinations as it mainly serves touristy destinations for sun seekers. I am starting to find new routes to fly out of though so I will in the future if my ancient iPad can still run Infinite Flight

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Yep, I purposely fly over my house though and occasionally over a family members house in Mississippi.

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I fly IF to Dubai for the same reason (though only passed through irl a couple times, travelling to Istanbul). But also, it’s a good spot in IF in its own right of course (good alternative to more frequented places like LAX etc.)

KPHX is one of my most frequented IF airports (lots of memories). KLAX once was a home airport (too early to remember). A couple of your others I made a note to check out. Can’t believe I’ve never been to those in IF.

Same here.

It helps to have good reference features for that on the ground? Though on occasion I went to the trouble of putting in latitude and longitude (but it takes time to set up I thought)

I was born in that region of the US, but we moved away when I was an infant. So that’s the other thing: visiting places in IF you were too young to understand when there irl.


I did that once on a flight using the AeroLogic B77F livery and aircraft from ORD - FRA but I glitched and disconnected somewhere near Amsterdam. And on that day I perfectly timed the flight to the IRL flight so when I was flying over my house the actual flight was doing the same which was cool. I am planning on doing that again tmrw on my flight from AMS - ATL on the Delta A350


Absolutely, and it’s around 5-7 hours from many major European airports which Emirates fly to so I can replicate their flight using IRL timings because they take off in the morning and land in the evening making it perfect and I don’t have to stress over landing in time for dinner etc and it’s satisfying ( it makes u feel like ur a pilot for Emirates)


Sort of opposite, I was born and have spent my entire life in the northeastern US but I use IF to revisit vacation spots or could-be vacation spots.

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Im in a similar boat as Andrew. I think of IF as a way to explore the world, and visit new places I’ve always wanted to go irl. I’ve visited so many “bucket list” locations in Infinite Flight, and some of them are just so beautiful. I’ve even discovered some true hidden gem airports along the way, and places I could only dream of going in real life.


I fly to LICC alot, since Catania is where I was born and raised. Its so nice to fly arou d an area you know so good and go see some places that mean alot to me🥰

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I often find myself flying aircraft and/or to/from airports that have had an impact on me

Like flying a GA aircraft out of an airport I’ve passed many times, or to recreate flights I’ve been on, as well as those i would like to be on.

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I do this all the time haha, usually controlling though, not flying. My hometown is Boston, MA and I LOVE controlling Boston Logan on the ES. Always fun to use the procedures I’ve been through hundreds of times haha

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I definitely do this!

This is the primary reason repeatedly fly the KSFO-RPLL flight with Philippine Airlines in IF. This was the flight of my childhood that made flying in an airplane so exciting, because it was a long trip and the flight to see my family.

I do this with OMDB to RPLL as well.

And once the A380 is out, will be looking forward to doing plenty of KSFO-OMDB flights too.


So, you’re a Northeasterner? I grew up mostly in the Southwest, so in IF, besides Arizona, I’ll often do Utah, Colorado, New Mexico etc. Lived in California too.

Are there a few legs I can fly where I can get the best sample of what the Northeast is?

I’ve had some very brief encounters with those parts irl (and nieces that now reside there). But my inexperience with those parts had made it seem almost foreign coming from the west. Went to a wedding in Virginia the year before covid (the northeast?).

Any regions in particular?

You had me scrambling for the map.

I agree. It’s like, there it is! The year before covid we had to live in Venice for a good while for my wife’s job. I was using IF during that stay big time to cross the alps to explore major European destinations, and the Mediterranean.

And now I can go back there, without having to pay for a ticket. But yeah, exploring home from far away is something else too.

Yeah, I’m thinking of like, an A10 I saw doing incredible maneuvers close to the ground while I looked for parking near Luke AFB for an airshow, or my first flight in aircraft, from Moab in Utah.

I hadn’t thought about it in terms of ATC, but I think that makes sense now that you mention it. Local ATC is local geography.

To be honest, I was a bit obsessed for a while, for some reason, with trying to do a “fantasy flight” from Sedona in Arizona (not a big runway) to Baguio City (also not a lot of room for an incoming long haul). Crazy right? It was to connect specific memories I have of both places, so far away from each other, yet not at big cities.

RPLL irl we did from Hong Kong, after my dad moved there. So, in IF, I had to do that.


Wow, that’s a lot. Yeah, I’ve lived in upstate NY my entire life, and I now go to school in Pennsylvania.

It’s tough because a lot of it is nice rolling hills which don’t really come through on IF. If they did, I’d suggest doing some bush flying around the Adirondack region between NY, NH, and VT. Other than that, try your hand at some of the visual approaches we have in the region - JFK/LGA expressway, DCA river, etc. Also, give Nantucket a try.

Pretty much anywhere my family and I go we’ve been wanting to go for years so all of it, really. I especially like Switzerland because last year’s spotting trip was genuinely one of the best weeks I’ve ever had.

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I’ve had good memories from past trips I took to Kona. That’s why I like to fly there a bit, and that’s why I say my favorite route is SEA-KOA, because I remember the first time I went to Kona when I was 9 of how fun the flight was from the anticipation of getting to Hawaii, also my first time on Delta and on a 757. Love re-creating that flight sometimes.

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I know KLAX and KPHX.

But I decided to do OEJN nonstop to KFAT. Why? Just because it’s a new route to me.

What a trip! In particular scenery regions in Saudi Arabia and central Turkey I thought were spectacular.

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It’s very beautiful in the Middle East, which aircraft did you use? I’m glad you tried it out :)

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My next route is KPHX-KLAX

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