IF Time-lapse video blatantly stolen

Recently, a IF Time-Lapse video was uploaded to YouTube. It had great editing and camera work. It was uploaded by Infinite Flight 66 on the 10th October 2022, problem is, the exact same time-lapse was posted by Ricky’s Aviation a whole 4 days before. I’ve checked the videos side by side and the videos are the exact same.

I came across this whilst talking in Capt Walt’s live chat, where people where discussing the drama.


It shows Infinite Flight 66 accusing Ricky’s Aviation of stealing his video, even thought in actual fact the opposite was happening.

I made this post to make people aware of Infinite Flight 66’s actions. But if you want to compare the videos yourself I’ve linked both videos below. If you intend on watching the time-lapse in it’s entirety please watch it on Ricky’s Aviation channel. Stay Safe!



@Lanes_AviationYT also had a similar thing happen to him like this today. I am alert and hopefully he won’t steal one of my videos. Thanks for the heads up! :)


No problem bro, stay safe :).

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As a fellow IF youtuber (go sub, if you want lol) I appreciate the heads up 👍

I’ll be on the lookout

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Id recommend adding watermarks to make sure your work safe. Not in the bottom right as that can be easily hidden by the channel icon by default


That’s always a good idea.

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Yeah, @Lanes_AviationYT has the watermark and IF66 still says that Aviation001 stole it when it has Avia’s watermark clearly visible in the corner

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Damn now i gotta check if someone stole any of mine 💀


This can be frustrating but there’s nothing anybody can do besides the creator taking action. YouTube provides creators with tools to file claims against other creators who are stealing their content. If you wish, take it a step further with this tool but honestly… it’s not worth the time of day. Just keep up the hard work :)


Thats true… this guy is probably just a troll and he wont stop until he gets forcefully stopped.

Will do! Thanks for the reply! :)

Yeah, it really is annoying. I think everyone’s just going to have to start watermarking videos until he’s either banned or stops.