If there isn’t a PC version how can we access the controls?

Just curious. In the command settings, where it has “reverse thrust” and other stuff, but I’ve noticed that key to enable it says something like “F5” so clearly a keyboard, but if we can’t play on a computer does this mean we have to get a keyboard that connects via Bluetooth? Can it be done with an iPhone?

I think it can be done via LiveFlight Connect

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Are you talking about activating reverse thrust (other features) to begin with without a keyboard? The whole flight sim is available with all controls on the mobile. What you are viewing may just be a part of being able to connect it to other third-party apps.

To activate reverse thrust without a keyboard, you’ll pull further down on your thrust control (like when you take off pushing up, pull it all the way down). It will activate and stay on until you are under a certain speed based on the aircraft

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If you’re on android, simply turn on your bluetooth and have your phone connect to the bluetooth keyboard, then open IF.

You can also connect both mouse and keyboard to the data/charger port with an OTG hub. Both mouse and keyboard will not only work for IF but your whole android device. As simple as that, hope that helps.


(Beware for some items):

-To date, assigning the engage/ disengage A/P (autopilot) button to a bluetooth keyboard will usually crash IF on some android devices.

  • I really have no idea how the “Start/stop Specified Engine” assign key supposed to work.

  • Some command functions can’t be assigned to keyboard but will work when assigned to joystick. I think it’s the quick left/right view (cmiiw), because it is usually a hat button function on a joystick (but it’s in the keyboard shortcut command page).

  • Keyboard shortcuts to new cockpit functions have not been added (MFD, etc).

Also android has options to use a usb

So I have power set at below half or a little over half during landing. What you’re saying is, to increase it to 100% and immediately pull it back to 0%? Or just pulling it to 0% will activate it?

Activate it by pulling down past zero.

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Put your throttle at zero after you’ve touched down, then pull it even further down and it’ll engage your reverse thrust

You can do that too with IOS…

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Yes you can.
Infinite Flight was designed with mobile in mind. Thank you for this to the devs. Because it’s not a pc game simply transformed into a mobile version (like others flight sim on iOS)

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Past 0? @mwe2187

I am running IPhone 8, update on everything.

I am almost positive I can never go below 0% like going negative isn’t something I have seen?

Only airliners have it. It will also ‘spring’ back to 0 if you let go.

Airliners? You mean like anything that isn’t cargo or a Cessna? So you have to pull it down and hold it?

A320, A330, B787, etc
They have reverse thrust, so you have to hold it, or it will automatically stop.

And you hold it by adjusting the throttle? So if I go to 0% and I keep holding it, it’ll eventually repeat -1% -2% -3% and so on?

Wow, thank you for letting me know. I never knew this!! :)

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check out this offical tutorial on landing the MD11 made by @SkyHawk_Heavy. Towards the end of the vid, after landing you will see how the throttle is “pulled back” in order to activate the reverse thrusters.

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