If the plane doesn’t have the livery...

I generally enjoy short haul flights and when looking on FR24 for references I noticed a route I would love too do (KJAX-KMIA) the problem is the E175 doesn’t have an AA livery, is using generic Livery’s common for replacing the livery?

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Yes, you can either use generic, or use another aircraft. But if you want to have that plane badly, be sure to vote for it’s #features request, or make one if their is not one already!

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Usually yes, use a temporary alternative Livery generic if the livery you want does not yet exist.

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Yes I agree with @JacksonAviation
There are a number of liveries missing on certain types of aircrafts such as the E175. A generic livery is a good alternative but for liveries you will have to vote it in the features section.

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Certain VA’s use the generic livery on a specific aircraft in their fleet if their airline livery doesn’t already exist on one of their aircraft that the airline has in real life. Yes, this is common to kind of be a replacement of a livery not yet added into the simulator. 🙂

Thanks guys! Im really annoyed when the plane doesn’t have the livery lmao.

On the bright side that’s one of the perks of having #features on the forum though. 😁

Pretty much 😂

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