If the Florida Panhandle is BEST known for one thing…



Your United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron takes pride in performing for you today!

Built specifically for the upcoming F/A-18E Super Hornet and of course, the likely addition of the Blue Angels liveries, NAS Pensacola was my most recent addition to my line of military bases (I have yet to work on any GA/Commercial airports). It is not only where Naval Aviators go to gain their Wings of Gold, where USAF/USN navigators and weapon system officers (WSOs) are trained, it is the home of the Blue Angels. Before you step to your shiny blue jet, allow me to give you a tour of what’s to expect.

An overview of the Training Wing Six ramp and the Blue Angels Ramp plus hangars

On that blue sign on the tower, reads FIELD ELEV. 28 FT

The USAF Hangar, Transient Hangar and the Passenger Terminal.

I bet your jet’s thirsty now…

The Fire Station and PAX Terminal

Just so you know how many carefully placed and built things are on this field…

You’re welcome! By the way, work on NAF El Centro (the Blues’ winter home) has started, but I’m holding it off to bring another air base up to my current standards. Enjoy those formation flights!

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Finally! I have been waiting for this one! I am so excited! Thanks for all the hard work!

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Wait Pensacola Naval Airstation is currently 3D

I know. Just thought I’d post it anyway. My other WIPs aren’t really complete enough for their own posts yet. I’ve been keeping the fact that I edited this quiet until everyone started leaking 😂


When I was young my dad was stationed here he was a Back seater in the EA 6B prowler and the Growler. There was a museum here that we used to go to here all the time😭 the memories I made here make it one of my personal favs

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The Growler’s a beastly thing. You’ve got an awesome dad.

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Doesn’t even need to go close just needs to be in range to use is electronic warfare. And parents say technology is bad for you😂

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