IF Thailand Presence (Opinions Post)

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Hey Mods (and Mini mods)
I do not ever mean to put this post on Features or Request as they are only for opinions

Hi All!

It is I! @Generic_Flyer.

Today I have a post that are like my other ones, simply asking for opinions.

Rant on VTBS

I feel like in IF, Thailand needs more love and updating. So far, there is only 1 airport in Thailand that is 3D in IF which is VTBS (Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport). The roof at this airport is also not that realistic. I do not know if they will in the future rework the roof (Just like they did for TBIT at KLAX) but I honestly have no idea.

This is the roof of the BKK airport. IF’s roof does not look like this.

Rant on 3D airports

I also feel like Thailand should have more 3D airports. Most airports in Thailand are about a 1 hour to 90 minute flight from each other. This brings me to my second suggestion.

Aircraft Airlines/Liveries!
The only airlines that involve Thailand in IF is Thai Airways, AirAsia, Vietjet and Bangkok Airways.

Like I mentioned above, airports in Thailand are about a hour away from each other which would be beneficial if you want a short 1 hour group flight.

Liveries that could be added are at-least one Nok Air livery.

Nok Air liveries are all different, with all of them representing different birds. With having the Devs in mind, at least one simple Nok Air livery should be added. Nok Air has the highest presence in flights in Thailand. It is honestly a better and more realistic way to fly around Thailand. After seeing another post earlier of a Nok Air livery I found out it was closed with the highlighted reason being “Special non-permanent livery” but they are all permanent for Nok Air.

Please remember that non of Nok Air’s livery is special, the 10th Anniversary livery is the only livery that may count as special.

Side Notes

I do not know if this is biased since I am Thai.
I really want to fly around Thailand more

One last Disclaimer if you missed anything (+ Summary)

This post is only for opinions. They are not a request for anything at all!

I am basically just asking for people’s opinions if they want Thailand’s airports to be reworked and made 3D along with having more liveries that are Thailand related.
If you agree with anything, you may vote in a poll down below and I may make it into a request

  • Vote if you want a VTBS roof rework.
  • Vote if you want more Thai 3D airports
  • Vote if you want more Thai carrier liveries (i.e Nok Air, Air Asia)

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Thanks for your opinons!



Im sure they will probably look into BKK roof sooner or later. Just gotta be patient because it’s not easy.

Same thing with 3D airports. Maybe you may be able to do some in the future.


Unfortunately we do not have the capability to make anything like this in the scenery editor at the moment, the only reason KLAX is like the way it is for the international terminal is because it is a custom terminal made specifically for KLAX, just like Abu Dhabi’s custom tower. In the scenery editor we can only do straight edges on the vertical face of a building.

I could not agree more, but at the same time we do not take requests as scenery editors. But what might please you is that I am currently working on Phuket International Airport (VTSP) which can be found below.

But thank you for bringing this amazing region to light!


Thanks for doing Phuket! I love that someone also cares of this beautiful country!

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One last question about this

What does this mean exactly? Does it mean you can only make smooth edges on the buildings? Or does it mean you can make like the KLAX roof.

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It means that we can not make anything like this. We can only make buildings with walls that are 90 degrees to the ground. On the horizontal axis (looking down at the roof) it can be any shape we want, but in the vertical axis (the sides of the building) it can only be a flat side.

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Alright, thanks for the info! So basically you can not make the sides round like a Subway sandwich?

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Exactly, you get it. The only way to do that currently is to have it done as a custom terminal by the IF team. And just like 3D airports this can not be requested. Thanks for your understanding on the situation though!

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Your opinions really sound like requests, specifically for a custom terminal and for Nok Air.

Like @BP-Aviation said, airport editors can’t make rounded buildings like this. The editor doesn’t support it because, let’s face it, 99% of airport buildings are rectangular.

I worked on an early version of KLAX and was frustrated by this as well. Luckily the devs were horrified by my construction and made a custom model to replace it :)

More airports in the region are being worked on, maybe putting some events together to drive traffic up can get the terminal noticed?

This is a great start to a feature request! #features are the best (and really only) way of getting liveries you want in-app. All the Nok Air liveries I found are long-dormant with no votes… go ahead and make a new one!


Just a shame a lot of roofs aren’t 🥲

Ever since i flew in IRL, I’ve been obsessed. It lays in such a beautiful area

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I understand your frustration, but I think staffs are aware and improvements are being considered down the road, off course.

As far as TH airports, yes one of my personal favourite places irl. and lets hope and I believe its being considered on future 3D releases. can’t wait. :)


Could not agree more, loved flying into Phuket as a kid for a weekend before the yearly Bangkok rugby tour, love Thailand so much, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui are also stunning as well!


I do not know if you know this but Koh Samui is actually owned by Bangkok Air! First instance of me finding an Airport owned by a Airline!

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Yep, I did, I think I remember seeing it somewhere when I flew there. I remember ages ago when Bangkok Air had a direct flight to Hong Kong from Koh Samui on the A319, that is a flight that needs to come back!

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