IF Testing a New Airframe?

Departing TNCM for KCLT today, I noticed @MishaCamp descending in an unknown aircraft. The last time we saw this was when the devs were testing the A350. If he’s in fact testing a new aircraft, the altitude and airspeed lead me to believe it’s pressurized and jet powered. The route may mean nothing but my sincere hope is that it portends a coming bizjet.


Not meaning to speculate who am I kidding I’m definitely speculating 🤡 but it could be the A330-900neo that was announced after the release of 21.4


Ohh that would make sense. I’m dying for a solid IF business jet over here!


We all know a business jet is coming at this point.

intense staring at the devs


I saw a mod flying an unknown aircraft the other day and I though my device was broke lol.


Since I joined IF before global they are continually testing new aircrafts. It is not the question if IF is testing. The question is what IF is testing. From my memory they managed always that there where no leaks beside what the closest staff leaks or mentioned in posts here, or in Twitter, or on Instagram, in YouTube interviews, or where ever.
That said, the question is. It what they are testing, but what some people guess what they are testing.
All speculations.


Like i dont want to speculate something and make some off topic comments but In my opinion i think its the A339 which we got a preview in the 21.4 premiere as @Lotus mentioned in the comment section above! Thats my POV of the testing, because currently in the game its not registered any new aircraft so i am pretty much expecting this!


Misha may simply be trying out an aircraft he asked himself the team to add to the sim! I hope it is the case.

Did you follow his landing to check the landing speed? Would have been interesting!

I mean its pretty much obvious that it may be the A339 since we dont have any other news of a new aircraft! (Maybe its the A223, who knows, (Misha knows and devs))

Probably just the A330-900 unfortunately though I hope it’s something else :). I think Misha is just doing that route as it’s between 2 3D airports and pretty short, maybe to test takeoff and landings.

Well same for me ;)


Well that solves it!!! Wow, great catch!

when do yall think its coming out? september? or mid august

We won’t know until it’s out, just be patient!

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