IF team meet ups?

When is your the IF team’s next meet up. i saw the Women in aviation post. was that picture recents or old. I know that there wont be one for a whole but is there one that will be anywhere here new jersy? because I would love to meet the IF team.

We don’t know. We can’t predict anything because of COVID.

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thats why i said there wont be one for a while.

Hi there!

Official meet ups usually occur at popular flight sim events when Infinite Flight decides on somewhere to meet up at. Becuase of COVID, at the moment across the world most gatherings of a certain amount (in the UK being 6) is the max amount allowed. Any more would be breaking the law. There isn’t anything planned since all known events that have been signed up for and had plans with, have been cancelled.

There are sometimes unofficial communtiy meet ups, organized privately between community members that base themselves in a specific area.

ok thanks. i hope there would be one by new jersey

While I wish the same thing, I highly doubt it. Usually they’re held at large and very populated airports, like LHR. It’s also common that they’re in the UK since a good amount of the staff live in and around there.

Ok rip. I also saw you controlling KDEn yesterday as i was plan spotting. I didn’t know you were IFATC.

Due to the current global pandemic that is occurring… All of the Infinite Flight Meetups and Events for the calendar year have been cancelled

See Here:

The Infinite Flight Team loves to engage with the community and makes every possible effort to do so.

In 2021, nothing has been formally announced… But the Staff as well as many individual IFC members have full intentions on doing meetups again!

Some events near New Jersey that community members have mentioned for potential IFC group meetups (NOT IF STAFF):

  • Thunder over the Boardwalk: Atlantic City Airshow
  • KJFK Spotting Meetup
  • Adirondack Balloon Festival Meetup

As soon as this pandemic is over, I can’t wait to attend the many meetups that are bound to happen! Hope to see you at one of them!


Member* - singular. We all know it can’t be anyone but you ;)


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