IF taking up too much space on iPad

Hello everyone, I have been wondering for a while, how do you delete entries/files from your log book? I couldn’t find anything online, but it’s taking up a lot of of my storage (2GB), so can anyone tell me how to, or find a solution? Thanks in advance.

The only solution is to free up space from your device. Global IS going to take up at least 2 gb of your storage.


But then it will eventually be full…

@GhostDaGhost is right remove some apps or pictures

The logs in your log books will not be the cause of this large size. It will be the HD liveries downloaded onto your device, as well as the app data itself. These logs are likely very small (a few KB per one) and should not be a major contributor to the overall size.


But what do I do in the end?

It will be full, but I still want to use other apps, and so do other users

The app has to take up this much space. The only way to reduce it is only download planes you use often

You need to make choise

Ok, thanks, but what do I do then, the iPad is almost full…

You cannot do anything.

Another problem concerning space, because I have a Live Pro subscription, IF is apparently automatically downloading aircraft…

You cannot do anything you can only make space by remove the apps on your ipad or buy a new one with more space

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Sorry, just trying to get help

To maximize your device storage use alternative means of storing photos, videos and other data. Other than that the recommendations above are some of the simplest and most common ways of optimizing device storage. Kind Regards, Chris